Dear Spy Gala Organizer,
We met at breakfast the following morning after the New Year’s Eve Party in Washington DC, I was sitting at the table next to you, we spoke for awhile about the party and your upcoming plans.
I want to tell you my wife (Olga) and I had the best time. We bought VIP tickets and had a wonderful dinner (filet was great) and red wine selection and nice big pours were much appreciated! The party was great and a lot of fun, the layout was fabulous and the open bar was wonderful to have. We stayed in the hotel overnight and as usual the Washington Hotel was also very nice. Olga said next year we may buy tickets at the Presidential level. Please don’t change a thing!
– Bill and Olga, 2 VIP tickets

Good Evening Spy Gala Team,
Well, one week ago, we were in the midst of an incredible New Year’s Eve party that was clearly entirely due to your painstaking and diligent planning efforts. Though I still say spending the Millenium New Year’s in London in front of MI-6 Headquarters was my favorite New Year’s Eve event, the party that you threw last Monday was without question the BEST New Year’s Spy PartyI have ever attended. In fact, the other 5 couples were equal in their praise and wanted me to make certain that I conveyed this sentiment of appreciation on behalf of all of them. The only disappoinment was that my friend’s Aston Martin could not be featured in the hotel lobby, but you certainly gave it your best effort to make that happen as well.
On behalf of my wife Stephanie and our entire group, I extend a sincere Thank You again for ALL of the hard work and painstaking attentiveness-to-detail you undertook to make last Monday’s party “one for the ages”!!!
– Michael and Stephanie, 10 Presidential Tickets

Kelly and I would like to thank you and your team for a wonderful New Year’s Eve Gala!! Everything was done so beautifully and professionally. We can’t wait to see our interview and make comments on the web-site! There is SO much to say. It was fantastic way end a Very Big 50th YEAR!!! I don’t know how you can top this one.
– Colin, 2 Presidential Tickets

We had an absolutely phenomenal time at the 2012-2013 New Year’s Eve Spy Gala.
– Thank you.
Major G. Rice, Group of VIPs

This was my 7th year the DC’s very own Spy Gala. I spent time in the VIP Lounge where the music was so well done it was hard to find reason to leave. Although arguably I could have been in a ski chalet in Geneva waiting for the famous Secret Agent himself. The mood was set from the moment I set foot in the lobby clad in my gown and glistening jewels. The music, the décor and the service, service service! The service was definitely “Spy-style”. It didn’t matter what I wanted it was there in a moment. The Washington Plaza Hotel staff are amazing! Before my cocktail was finished a dashing Secret Agen “near-alike” sent me a refresher from across the room – Lucky me! We sipped and talked and met some other lovely folks who had traveled all the way from Alabama just for the party! Talk about meeting some really amazing people from all over the US! We sipped champagne and danced the night away. Shenaz definitely attracts fabulous people and puts them all in one place. To describe the night in a word? Magic! I can’t wait to go back next year.
– N.A.R, Alexandria, VA, Group of VIPs

2011 was our first Spy Gala. My wife and I wanted to be somewhere that people dressed to kill. This event did not disappoint. The food was first class, there was music for every taste, the bartenders were generous and the Secret Agent theme was a Thrilling feature. By the end of the night my face hurt from grinning so much. We will be back again this year. See you at the roulette table with a martini, the classic way!
– E. Owen, Presidential tickets

Hello Spy Gala Team,
I had a wonderful time at the DC NYE ’11-’12 Gala. Good food, loved the live jazz band!
– David

Good Afternoon Moneypenny,
My husband and our two best friends attended this year’s Spy Ball for the first time, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!
Please add me to the guest list to be informed about early bird tickets for the VIP level.
Thank you so very much, and we look forward to celebrating with you again next year!
– C.K., VIP tickets

The 2010 NYE Spy Gala was one of the BEST that I have attended. You and your team sure know how to put on a production – that’s for sure. IMPRESSIVE…I’ve been attending the New Year’s Eve Spy Gala for over 6 years, and time flies so quickly..so much to see and do. – Regular ticketholder

This year, I really liked that huge gold prop by the VIP Lounge and the Aston Martin! AND, OMG the male dancer – my girls (and I) loved that you had eye candy for the ladies…hmm perhaps next year you can have a male life size ice sculpture…too risque? Well I tried! It would be a naughty & nice touch. My friends and I want to come again in 2011, and we will do VIP again next year.
– Nat & the crew, VIP tickets

Shenaz, My group and I had a GREAT TIME at the Gala! Thanks so much for helping us get settled and situated. Didn’t go to be ’til like 4am…And the “Golden Girls” …WOW! Thanks again & Happy New Year! Oh and let me add, all the hotel staff were excellent. They were most helpful!
– Dustin, VIP Group Birthday celebration

Hi Shenaz,
I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to be a part of your amazing event! It was indeed one of the best times that I’ve had on New Years. I enjoyed being a Golden Girl and working with the other girls and staff, the decor was amazing, the guests were delightful and the food and drinks were divine.
-LaShonna, Gold Girl Hostess

My friends and I loved the entire evening, we just wished we could have gotten there earlier and there had been a steady stream of cabs at the end of the evening. I would love to be placed on your early bird ticket sales list for next year.
– Kate, Group of singles femme fatales

Hi Spy Team,
This was a wonderful event. It was well worth the trip from New York. We had a great time and met some really wonderful people. The hotel is also great. We will come back next year. Thanks again.
– Irene & Guido, Presidential Guests

Hi Euronet Staff,
Your party was fantastic, the new features were a plus and the hotel staff was very good. The cars were awesome. Keep me informed for the next NYE party.
– Sofia, General Guest.

Spy Team,
The entertainment provided in each of the areas was excellent. We danced into the New Year and danced in each room thoughout the night! We loved the gold gun souvenirs…you definitely have the party part down.
Our hotel stay was great as well. Great rooms, courteous check in with both the hotel staff and Euronet staff. The hotel had fast and easy check out and valet parking. We’ll definitely keep you in mind for future New Year’s Eves. Best Wishes in 2011!
– Sylvia & Michael, VIP Guests.

The New Years event was very pleasant and we did find the Ice Sculptures and the exotic cars very nice and of high quality…food and drinks met my expectations as well as entertainment and music.
– Bruce, Single guest

We had a great time at the party.
– Anita

NYE Party was wonderful
– Patricia, General Guest.

My stay at your hotel during New Years was amazing. Thanks for accomodating myself and my friends on short notice at the Spy Gala.
– Adrian

Just a very lovely hotel…was here for the Spy Gala…staff worked at lightning speed with all aspects of gala production…while being professional and friendly. Also, while it was a party center, when I went to bed at 2am, it was relatively quiet…Very impressed. – Anon

Indeed, in fact everything was well put together. Very professional. Thank you for the hard work you and your staff put into the entire effort.
– Mac

My husband and I had a fantastic time at our first gala. You did a great job at providing entertainment and the food was excellent. We were amazed at the number of people of all ages. The casino was a lot of fun.
– Angela

Your staff and the Hotel staff were very welcoming and friendly and the room layouts and flow seemed to work well. Also very easy to get drinks without a hassle. Overall a different and fun experience. Thank you for the efforts.

The decorations were great, lots of photo opportunities, lots of fun party favors–loved the boas!–the champagne was really good and there were plenty of bars so we didn’t wait in line for more than a minute or two. This was my first time and I would do it again.Thanks!
– Chatland

This is the best party ever held by your company. Hotel, entertainment, food (my favorite was the Caribean one). I ate just once, it was very filling. DJ Music was fantastic and well chosen, hotel accommodations were great! Staff were eager to please. The Live Band was very good, as well as the dancers. The event registration process was very organized. I am hoping to seeing you at the end of 2010. Happy New Year!
– Sofia

Hi Aki,
Just wanted to say Thank You on behalf of myself and my girlfriend for the wonderful organisation of things at the New Year Spy Gala. We both had a fantastic time at the party.
– Glenn.

Thank you so much for the great party. I had an awsome time with my friends. I wish you all the best in 2010.

Shenaz, It was outta’ this world..WHAT A FEATURE!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

The party was a blast! Thanks again for taking care of us. My only regret is that I was so busy dancing and gambling that I did not even try any food! Great Party
– Sandro

Shenaz & Aki, Al and I had a great time at New Year’s Eve Spy Gala in Washington, DC.
– Al & Robyn

Good Lord, looking at the pictures of me I should’ve been supervised, HA! We had SOOOO much FUN! The idea of having several rooms and walking around never left us bored. The music was great! I hardly had to wait for a drink (maybe a mistake on my part). I loved the mixed age also. The only complaint I have was the food was just “ok” and I never found the food in Iceland because it was so packed in there. …same place, same time, same channel, next year??? Maybe? Thank you for Rockin’ in the New Year in the Grandest style at the Spy Gala!
– Cleary

Thanks for a great time…see you next year!

This was the first time I attended the Gala and I must say everything was outstanding. The layout of the event was very unique which added to the mystery of the different settings. I had the Presidential package and everything was perfect. I’ve stayed at many Hilton properties and the Hilton Mark Center ranked with the best. Please add me to your waitlist for early bird tickets to attend the 2009-2010 Gala. I will definitely attend. I wish you and Euronet International family a very Happy New Year as well.
– “Quitty”

Overall, my husband and I truly enjoyed the 2008-09 New Year’s Spy Gala at the Hilton. This was our first time attending this particular affair. We selected to be ‘Presidential’ guests.
– Charlotte

We had a wonderful time. And would definitely want to know when the tickets are available for next. Look forward to seeing you next year. Just wanted to say everything was so organized and your staff was excellent. Thanks Again.
– Pat Henry

Thank you and Euronet International for such a wonderful New Year’s Eve party. My wife and I had a wonderful experience. What a great way to start a new year! Thanks again to you and Euronet for all your time and effort in putting this together.
– Bob

I wanted to thank you for making the arrangements for our party tickets to the New Years Eve Gala. Everyone at VTC and theirs guests had a night to remember !!!!!! Your organization is incredibly organized and extremely professional! The party was a HUGE SUCCESS !! Thank You for Everything !!!
– Jeffrey

The pics came out wonderful – can’t wait for the 2009 party!!!
– Arzo

We very much enjoyed the party, and in particular, the wide variety of activities and entertainment.
– Glenn and Sandy

I had an absolutely wonderful time at the Spy Gala – the best New Year’s party I’ve ever been to!
Please put my name on the waiting list for VIP tickets for 2008-2009!
– Ed Burnett

We really enjoyed ourselves. We had a party of 6 and all of us agreed that we would come again next year. We would love to be put on the early list for tickets.
– Jason

This was the best New Year’s Eve party my husband and I have every attended. We had a wonderful time. There was so much to do we unfortunately missed somethings. But what we did do was fabulous. We will definitely be back next year so please put us on the waiting list.
– Pat

All I can say is that everyone’s expectations of this year’s party were exceeded! My friends & I sat over breakfast the next morning trying to figure out how the evening could have passed so quickly. This was our 2nd year attending the party and first year attending as VIP guests. The dinner was FANTASTIC! The “golden girl” was fantastic! Thanks again for hosting a great event!
– Michele

I like to thank you for organizing such a great event. My friends and I had so much fun that night and it was the best NYE we have ever had. You guys are awesome!!! Have a nice & happy new year.

EXTREMELY impressed by the atmosphere of the event. Enjoyed the food, libations and entertainment tremendously, and most importantly, struck up new friendships with several people that night.
– Cory

Thanks for the extravaganza, it was an amazing bash you threw! I was very impressed with the whole night, and think everyone felt the same way.
– Jared.

I had a great time performing at the party! The crowd was wonderful — well-mannered, cheerful, and enthusiastic. My contortion was very well-received each time, and lots of people were happy to get photo opportunities with the “Golden Girl.” I spoke with any number of people who were thrilled with how the night turned out, and eager to sign up for the next year.
– Tanya

LOVE THE PARTY !! Can’t wait till next year.
– Sandy

The evening was an ABSOLUTE PLEASURE and the ARRANGEMENTS were IMPECCABLE. THANK YOU for making the entry to 2007 A HIGH NOTE. All the best for the new Year!
– Gary

My girlfriend (Eriko) and I had a wonderful time. The ICE BAR was absolutely fabulous and well decorated + we both love the different country decors.
– Hans & Erico

Thank you both for an absolutely amazing experience! Your event exceeded our expectations, and we look forward to joining you again in the future.
– Erica

Great job putting together a fantastic event! We will definitely be back again.
– Kate and Steve

Please, place me on the advanced notification for ticket sales next year. All around organization style, libations, layout, theme, and service were outstanding. Well Done. Mission Accomplished.
– Oliver

The Spy Gala event was about as perfect as you could get. You did a wonderful job. We really enjoyed and can’t wait to do it again. Thanks so much!!!
– Skip and Mary Grey

This was the most well-organized large party I have every attended. Everyone was courteous, the lines moved swiftly, and the number of attendees exactly matched the space– crowded enough to give the place a “buzz” but not too crowded to make the experience unenjoyable. Excellent, excellent job. And the idea of a “cool room” (Rejkyavik) was inspired, especially since it was right next door to the fun and sweaty Moroccan room.
– Charles King

We had a great time. The VIP dinner was the best. We plan on going next year. Please send us any info we need to confirm our reservations.
– Jack/Joyce Savage

The event this year was outstanding. The check-in process was the best I’ve seen at these events. The food was exceptional. The service was great. Music in each of the rooms was fabulous. Overall, it was a top-notch event.
– Ms. Garnett Black

My husband and I were extremely impressed with everything! This was our first event with your organization and thought it was extremely well organized. The food was absolutely amazing and plenty of it! Staff walked around with drinks in every room. The decorations and entertainment were truly spectacular.
– Sean & Michele Andersen

I must say that I was VERY IMPRESSED with everything about this event!! The 4 people that went from my party had a fabulous time, and we thank you very much for all of the time and effort in planning this event!  The food and drinks were outstanding, and the attenddees that you all gathered were attractive, professional, and all out to have a great time!
– Chris Soto

Your GALA was the best New Year’s party we have been to in many years. The organization was smooth, efficient and courteous at every level. All our needs were met with a smile. The various rooms were spectacular. The ice sculpture was magnificent. The dancing was great. The venue was perfect.
– Rick Franklin

We had a WONDERFUL time, and I am thinking that we may do it again next year, provided Euronet International holds another Gala! I can’t think of anything ‘constructive’ to say, as things were simply exquisite! I can only say “Great job!”
– Timothy Demers

I think you guys put on a quality event. Everything was great. A++”
– Frederick J. Morrow III

The Euronet International New Year’s Eve Gala at the Jury’s Washington DC was great! I liked the festive atmosphere, delicious cuisine, and the variety of entertainment offered! Thank you again for a great evening!
– Gloria Kupstas

We had a wonderful time. The staff was extremely courteous and the food and entertainment great. I will look forward to another Gala next New Years Eve.
– Rhonda Ford

I think I can speak for me and my four friends who attended.  We all thoroughly enjoyed the evening.  Great time!!!!!
– Pamela Griffin

I just want to say that my Wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the New Year’s Party. The band was fantastic and we took full advantage of dancing the Waltz and Tango on a great floor. The food was superb and we enjoyed meeting many new couples at our table. We fully plan on attending next year.
– Paul and Mary Creasy

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